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Father and Sun

I came in. I knew it was going to be war.
Me:  Good evening sir.
Dad: Why are you just coming home?
He's never happy. I stared. I stared so deeply. At nothing. Only at the picture in my head. The picture of what would become of me when this conversation was over.
Dad: Have you become dumb? Or is it deaf?
Me:  I hurried home as soon as I could.
Dad:Óti daran léni.
Me:  But daddy, I'm not late. Look, it's still bright.
Dad: Where is the sun?
Me:  Uhn?
Dad: If you say that again...where is the sun?
Me:  It's outside.
Dad: Are you sure?
Me:  I saw it on my way in.
Dad: Go out. Look for it. And then come in to call me as soon as you find it. 2 minutes only.
I'm outside now. Looking for the sun. It's not here. But I saw it on my way in. The sun has gone home too early. I told my dad the sun had left. He made me ride a motionless motorcycle with no motorcycle.
Dad: The galaxy is your destination.
I was to find the sun and beg it to follow me home so that daddy could rele…

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