Sensually Worshipping

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I once met a lady who unfurled my eyes to the over-doings of righteousness. You would have presumed she had more love for God than He lavished upon her. It's wearisome to fathom how such people muddle through their lives with self-made religious masks veiling mucho sinful faces. When did it become profane to discuss sexual urges and passions with fellow worshippers? Am I to deny my sexual awareness so as to appear pious? Am I supposed to spurn words that create sexual imageries from flowing out my mouth even though sexual thoughts roam my mind occasionally knowing fully well that my heavenly father sees my heart? How can I be more pietistic than God Himself? Was it not Him who embedded sexual properties in the beings He created? You say to me, "Sexual conversations can precipitate sexual impurities; fornication and the rest". But have you pondered on the possibility that avoiding and concealing such conversations can lead to even more unpleasant situations? And I always thought a problem shared was half solved. Not discussing concupiscence is a terrible idea. It's with whom we discuss it that matters; those who feed our inner man. I certainly can't be more righteous than my heavenly father. If He created me with sexual properties, it appears just right to discuss it --- with the right people. Do not ask me to choose between my consciousness as a worshipper and as a sensual being. I choose both.

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