I've Started Thinking Bullshit Again...Lord Save My Mind.

When people make mistakes and say "I wish I could take back the hand of time", I grow fish pimples. If you could take back the hand of time, you'd probably change your Birth date and go back to be born in the time when people died because they made common mistakes or you'd give your father a contraceptive on the day of your conception so that nobody knows who the hell you are. Forget about manipulating time and make some more mistakes.

The fact that you've been through worse does not make the bad become good. Don't feel too good about the shit in your life. If it's bad, it's bad.

Even if I stole wings, I would not fly. Flights are for cowards and witches. Maybe birds.

Even the spirit-filled sister who seems to speak only heavenly language, needs a man who would not speak heavenly language to her on the bed. Eroticism is a necessity.

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