With the Shoot

Pam:    Focus on the flash Nneka. Focus on the flash.
Nneka: I doubt if I'd notice the lights.
Pam:    Then you'll miss the positives. You need to be bright and happy. Otherwise, this whole thing will be a waste.
Nneka: It's supposed to come from within.  I can't fake a smile.
Pam:     You're the one in-charge of your within, not them.
Nneka:  I can't.
Pam:    They don't know what's within you and they don't care. JUST DO IT.
Nneka: You're getting louder and attracting attention.
Pam:    Then make this work. Imagine Ahmed. Pretend as though he's the one behind the camera.
Nneka: You're such a liar. Your life is a lie, Pam.
Pam:    That's how we survive, honey. This life became a lie the day skin shades became black and white. I save my emotions for those who care. These people don't care about you. So why try to let them see you bitter?
Nneka: I just can't pretend to feel alright. See what they did to him. They took everything from him and threw him away like a rotten egg. They deceived him.
Pam:    Learn from his mistakes then. These people expect you to be sad and wary. And then maybe they'll capitalise on your weakness too. But you must show that you're strong. When you pose for the picture, focus on the flash and smile at the light it shines upon you. When you're done with the shoot, keep that smile. You don't have to share your happiness and your strengths with the haters. Rather, suppress them with it. Your sadness is their ambition. Don't give it to them.
Nneka: They've seen me bitter for too long. They've been succeeding.
Photo credit: https://www.udemy.com/
Pam:    Let them fail this time. And forever. Now smile. Smile Nneka. Focus on the flash. And give hope to this studio.

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