Dear Future Hubby

I don't know if I know you already or if I'm yet to meet you. I just want you to know that my heart and my thoughts are yours. I will love you in spite of anything. I know that I'll be everything that you've always prayed for and you'll be everything that I've always prayed for. I've been building myself up for you so that I can be your best friend and the best wife the world has ever known. I pray for you everyday that God blesses the works of your hands and crowns your effort. I know He's doing that right now. I've heard terrible stories about marriage but I know that you and I are going to be extraordinary and we will be role models for others.

I cannot wait to look you in the eyes with my eyes beaming with passion and love. I know we'll have our differences but our differences will become our greatest strengths. The world will envy us. I know. And we'll have beautiful children. Glorious children. Dynamic children. Extraordinary children booming with intelligence. We would love each other so much that our children will be disgusted by it.
I want to grow old with you.

Dear Future Hubby...I'm waiting for you. I'll love you as though that's the only thing I'm gonna do.

Your Loving Future Wifey

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