What if My Chest Was Not Swollen?

When you look at my chest before you finally say I'm beautiful, I terribly wonder what you mean. If you belong to the school of thought that believes that a woman's beauty is in the heart, I wonder if you see my heart through my swollen chest. Is my chest a mirror, a mirror through which you see yourself? If it is a mirror, what do you see yourself doing when you look at it? When my sister's husband tells her she's beautiful, he looks into her eyes with his palm on her left cheek. But you? My chest.

What if my chest is no more, will I still be beautiful?


  1. Hehe, Omofuma!!! You are such a realist writer. I was smiling non-stop like a burnt ram from d first line down. I like the use of "you" and the interogative style,it draws your audience closer to your "heart".......Good work


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