She doesn't understand why Steve wouldn't talk. Carol had told her Tobi was selling his property but that was the best she knew. And now, she has to find Moses. It's a world of too many for her.
She fixes her eyes on her phone, hoping it will ring. It doesn't. And then it finally does. "Hello. Is that you Moses? Moses? Please respond." The phone beeps. Now she's more worried. It was an unknown number. There's no option of calling back. Then it rings again. "Moses. Is that you? Please don't hang up." "Shut up. It's me." "Hi Carol. Was it you who called the previous time?" "No. Why?" "I thought it was Moses." There was silence. Thick silence. Tangible silence. "Carol? Are you going to say something? Carol? Carol?" The phone beeps again. Only this time, she runs out of the house.
She opens the door quietly. "What are you doing here? You should not be here." She stares at Carol with eyes filled with tears. "Where's Moses, Carol? What did you do to Steve?" "Why would you think I did anything to them? I have not seen Moses for weeks now. Didn't I tell you that?" "Why are you baking cake? Why won't Steve say anything to me? What's happening Carol? I'm going to run mad if I don't get answers."
"Hi. My name's Dave and I know where Moses is. Meet me at the Razor Hall in 3 hours." Phone beeps. "Hello. Hello." "You can't trust this guy." "I can't trust you either." "I'm coming with you." "Stay out of my way Carol. You happen to be everywhere I am and it's a curse. Get out of my life."
The Razor Hall is dark. And silent. She can't see anything. "Hello. Is anybody here? Hello. Hello. Is there someone here?" And then she hears something behind her. She turns around but it's too dark to see anything. She feels someone move swiftly beside her. "You took a very big risk coming here. You shouldn't have." Someone grabs her from behind. She screams. The lights come on. "Oh my God. What have you guys done." "Happy birthday." "Moses. Steve. Tobi. Why the drama? I can't believe this." "You deserve more. You mean everything to us. Wanted to give you a surprise birthday. But the drama was all Carol's idea." "Why's Carol not here?" "She's still icing the cake." "Please tell Carol she's not a curse. I didn't mean that."

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