Crabby Mama

Nana: Hey mum.
Mum: Yes Nana. Did you enjoy it?
Nana: Yea mum.
Mum: So what fast food joint did you guys go to?
Nana:  We didn't. We took a walk. It was a romantic walk. I loved the environment. So natural. The trees, the spring, the fountain. the birds, the river...
Mum:  Did you guys swim?
Nana Nopeee. We only admired. We held hands too. There was so much emotions. I'm in love with him.
Mum:  What have you eaten since you left?
Nana:  Nothing. Doesn't matter.
Mum:  Did you tell him to put the ring on your finger?
Nana:  Mummy! Oh please. The time will come. I guess he's not ready yet.
Mum:  Of course he's not. He's job hunting. That should explain the walk instead of a meal with candles.
Nana:  Mum!
Mum:  Well, flowers do not blossom forever.
Nana:  I know I was saying...the environment was so beautiful. And you know what?
Mum:  What?
Nana:  I saved a crab. It was just by the riverside. I hope it survives.
Mum:  Saved an edible crab?
Nana Yea mum-
Mum No! Shut up! You don't save a crab when you go on a date and return with no gift items and an empty stomach.😾
Nana:  I should have left it to die?
Mum:  No. You don't leave it. You bring it home. It's food for the stomach. Do you even think?
Nana:  But there's no way I would have brought the crab home. He would have wondered why and that's shameful.
Mum:  Well, let him wander away next time. He cannot even afford a comb.
Nana:  I've told you it's dreadlocks. That's the hairstyle.
Mum:  He can barely feed himself and you're ashamed to survive? Crabs are meant to be brought home and broke-men into the gutters.
Nana:  I'll pretend you didn't say that.😔
Mum But I did. Feed your hungry stomach with thoughts of romance and a beautiful environment. Sleep well my child. Let me know when you bring a crab home.😠

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