Me Door

The door opened but no one came in. And then the door closed. I'm definitely home alone, unless Gina wants to give me a surprise. Nah! She's in Colombia. Not even Edo airways can get her here in time. But what opened and closed this door? I know I scared life out of Femi yesterday. He surely wants a pay back but he's still in the hospital. Did Mary just walk in? Nah! She cares for no one when Dave is in town. What the hell opened this door? I'm trying not to pee in my panties. Is this is a prank? The door just opened again. And again! That's a shadow...I'm done. Is that really a shadow? Whose shadow? Naughtie me.....the shadow is the door's. And the mysterious opener? The stupid wind came to say hi. Hello Windy. Don't try that shit again.

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