Father and Sun

I came in. I knew it was going to be war.

Me:  Good evening sir.
Dad: Why are you just coming home?

He's never happy. I stared. I stared so deeply. At nothing. Only at the picture in my head. The picture of what would become of me when this conversation was over.

Dad: Have you become dumb? Or is it deaf?
Me:  I hurried home as soon as I could.
Dad: Óti daran léni.
Me:  But daddy, I'm not late. Look, it's still bright.
Dad: Where is the sun?
Me:  Uhn?
Dad: If you say that again...where is the sun?
Me:  It's outside.
Dad: Are you sure?
Me:  I saw it on my way in.
Dad: Go out. Look for it. And then come in to call me as soon as you find it. 2 minutes only.

I'm outside now. Looking for the sun. It's not here. But I saw it on my way in. The sun has gone home too early. I told my dad the sun had left. He made me ride a motionless motorcycle with no motorcycle.

Dad: The galaxy is your destination.

I was to find the sun and beg it to follow me home so that daddy could release me. He told me to hurry. Well, I'm still riding. My legs are shaking. I'm drowning in my body liquid. I have still not found the sun. Even when the sun eventually rises, nothing would change. The only sun my father knows is my mother's eyes and it died the day her eyes never opened again. Her eyes never opened again the day I came into this world. That's why he calls me Onwa. "It is the moon that causes the earth to be sunless. You could have been rain or oxygen or helium. But you chose to be the moon", he always says to me. How am I supposed to bring that Sun back? Mother...if I had your golden eyes, father might be at peace...I pray he finds another sun.

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